It is better to light the candle than to curse the darkness.

Eleanor Roosevelt

World Animal Net, Boston, MA

Good Cause:

World Animal Net (WAN) was chosen as the very first Pay it Forward organization because their mission is consistent with the philosophy of Pay it Forward. They aim to “avoid duplication and competition, promote innovative programs, and stimulate cooperation and coalition building.” In short, they believe that cooperation is a more powerful force for good than competition. WAN is working to help animals around the world by sharing knowledge and expertise, and building communication networks and partnerships. The organization seeks to inform, educate, and inspire others in the animal protection field.

Great Results:

WAN requested help to develop a grant writing strategy. Our first task was to help the WAN staff to think about how the various proposals and projects they were considering fit logically into the context of long-term plans for the organization. This question spurred internal discussions at WAN that resulted in updates to their strategic plan and a more informed decision-making process about projects for which to pursue grant funding. We provided WAN with tools to craft winning proposals and helped draft a letter of inquiry that was submitted to a national foundation.

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