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Mother Teresa

Angel’s Hope, Sumter, SC

Good Cause:

Angel's Hope is a small but growing organization that gives hope to homeless pets and a helping hand to families struggling to care for their animals. In their Pay it Forward application they requested help with strategic planning for spay/neuter and community outreach programs in underserved communities in the Carolinas and West Virginia. Founder April Hurley wrote, "We want to ensure our programs are well thought out and developed from a strong base." Her goal is “to create lasting impacts and results that will benefit more pets in need.”

Great Results:

Making Good Work helped Angel’s Hope to develop a spay/neuter and community outreach program. The program assists residents in rural, under-served communities in southern West Virginia, in particular McDowell County. This county is the poorest in the state with a poverty rate of 33 percent. Many residents do not have access to critical services, including veterinary care and low-cost or free spay/neuter services for their pets.

The program meets important needs in this community by partnering with a veterinarian who has committed to offering discounted spay/neuter surgeries, which Angel’s Hope provides at no cost to pet guardians in McDowell County. Angel’s Hope holds community outreach events at which they provide residents with spay/neuter vouchers to use at the veterinarian’s office. They also provide additional resources to encourage and support responsible pet care, including a handout on pet safety, children’s books on the humane treatment of animals, and pet-related supplies.

In addition to helping craft the program, Making Good Work helped Angel’s Hope to write a letter of inquiry to The Two Mauds Foundation, which resulted in a $5,000 grant to support the program.

Angel’s Hope will pay it forward by sharing the outreach materials developed and lessons learned about developing this program with other organizations working in rural areas in the South.

January 2015 update from Angel’s Hope:

“I am ecstatic to tell you that we were able to kick off our Spay/Neuter and Community Outreach Program this month thanks to a grant that we were awarded from Petco-Hope for the Holidays. We have issued 10 vouchers this month and have enough funds to provide 30 surgeries using the grant. We are also still applying for grants to help with the remaining 70 surgeries.

There seems to be a high need there as we’ve had 15 inquiries just since last week and many people have multiple pets.

Thank you again for all of your help with this project!”

June 2015 update from Angel’s Hope:

To date, 75 family pets have been altered and vaccinated through the Spay/Neuter Program. Angel’s Hope is preparing to apply for additional funding to support the program and sought help from Making Good Work to prepare to meet with a funder. April Hurley, Director of Angel’s Hope, wrote following the meeting:

“Thank you again for your feedback and suggestions for the meeting with our potential funder! It was very helpful. I feel like the meeting went well and she seemed to be interested in the information provided. She encouraged us to apply again this year, which of course we will.

I appreciate your help with the development of the program and your ongoing support!”

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