I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.

Mother Teresa

National Coalition on Aging (NCOA), Arlington, VA

Good Cause:

NCOA delivers the resources, tools, best practices, and advocacy our nation needs to ensure that every person can age with health and financial security. Because aging well for all is a matter of equity. A matter of dignity. And a matter of justice. Their goal is to impact the health and economic security of 40 million older adults by 2030, especially women, people of color, LGBTQ+, low-income, and rural individuals.

Great Results:

Making Good Work has been fortunate to partner with NCOA on several projects starting in 2020.

  • We evaluated the Aging Mastery Starter Kit to determine its impact on caregivers and socially isolated older adults. Based on our findings, we recommended the next steps to assess the kit’s effectiveness further. The Starter Kit combines education with engaging activities to inspire people to take action to achieve autonomy, mastery, and purpose as they age.
  • We did an intensive environmental scan focused on older adults, poverty, and economic security. This included a review of academic publications, mainstream content, and grey literature. We explored research organizations, national groups, think tanks, academic institutes, state and local entities, foundations, and philanthropies working in these areas.
  • Focused on older workers and the digital divide, we conducted an environmental and literature scan to develop an annotated list of skills and job training programs. Areas explored included technology-specific training, digital education platforms, apprenticeship models, general skills training, job and skills training specific to older adults, and side hustle sites.
  • We interviewed people facing the “Medicare Cliff” as they transitioned from Medicaid to Medicare. The interviews explored the challenges associated with the change in coverage and the impact on health and well-being. We analyzed the qualitative data and identified themes used to inform NCOA’s advocacy efforts.


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