It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.

Leonardo da Vinci

Northern Virginia Family Services, Oakton, VA

Good Cause:

Northern Virginia Family Services (NVFS) offers the resources and support to ensure that everyone in need, at every stage of life, maximizes their potential and fully contributes to a thriving community. They provide the essential building blocks for financial, emotional and physical well-being, serving as leaders and innovators for the Northern Virginia community. Every year, they empower more than 35,000 individuals to achieve self-sufficiency.

Great Results:

We worked closely with staff from NVFS to conduct a thorough landscape analysis to inform the selection and implementation of new directions for the organization’s Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) Program.

We began by identifying key questions the landscape evaluation would answer. Next, we developed an evaluation framework and conducted a thorough literature review focused on how children move through the child welfare system and what they and their families need at each point along the continuum.

Based on the literature review and conversations with the NVFS leadership team, we identified kinship caregivers as a group facing significant service gaps and the priority population on which to focus NVFS’ future efforts. Next, we considered how NVFS might address kinship caregivers’ problems and issues. This included exploring which organizations NVFS might partner with and what services or support NVFS could offer. To address service gaps facing kinship caregivers, we identified a broad range of potential partners in the DC metro area and beyond, contacted these individuals/organizations, and invited them to in-depth interviews to explore these service gaps.

Based on the literature review and interview findings, we prepared a list of questions and issues for NVFS stakeholders to consider and discuss. Answers to these questions will facilitate the creation of a logic model to illustrate the reimagined NVFS service option(s).

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