The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

Mahatma Gandhi

Second Chance Animal Shelter, Inc., North Brookfield, MA

Good Cause:

Second Chance Animal Shelter (SCAS) is a nationally recognized organization that has been providing innovative programs and services to help animals since 1999. SCAS reduces the number of homeless pets by preventing unwanted litters, placing animals in permanent homes, offering low-cost veterinary services, and promoting best practices in animal sheltering. Their philosophy is unique. For far too many years, animal welfare has concentrated only on pets already in shelters. SCAS is changing the status quo by focusing on the root causes of animal suffering and working to keep pets out of shelters in the first place. They provide community services and programs that help people and their pets stay together, including education, surrender prevention, and low-cost veterinary care. SCAS is committed to serving the neediest pets and their people. They are the only animal shelter in Massachusetts that operates a subsidized veterinary clinic. For those who cannot afford the cost of a private vet, their Pet Wellness and Education Center offers full-service veterinary care, including physical exams, diagnosis, treatment, dental work and surgery.

Great Results:

We worked with Second Chance Animal Shelter to develop a monthly giving program and create a “case for support” that can be used in their fundraising efforts. Ultimately, we aim to raise community awareness of and support for their subsidized veterinary services. Recognizing how expensive medical care is for rescues that do not have an in-house veterinarian, Second Chance Animal Shelter will pay it forward by offering reduced-cost or free medical care to another organization in need.

Read the case for support.

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