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Mahatma Gandhi

The Grey Muzzle Organization, Raleigh NC

Good Cause:

The Grey Muzzle Organization envisions a world where no old dog dies alone and afraid. The organization improves the lives of at-risk senior dogs by providing funding and resources to animal shelters, rescue organizations, sanctuaries, and other non-profit groups nationwide.

Great Results:

Dr. Lisa, as she is affectionately known at Grey Muzzle, has served as the part-time Executive Director of the organization since June 2015. Here are some of her key accomplishments to date.

  • Increased revenue more than fivefold since 2015: In her first year, Dr. Lisa increased revenue by more than 50%–from $225,211 in 2015 to $343,035 in 2016. In 2023, revenue topped $1.3 million.
  • Exceeded targets for quarterly fundraising campaigns: In each of the quarterly campaigns, Dr. Lisa exceeded the fundraising goal by 10-30%.
  • Wrote a successful grant proposal to Maddie’s® Fund: Grey Muzzle was awarded a $48,500 grant in March of 2018. Under the grant, Dr. Lisa conducted a mixed method study to identify best and promising practices to promote the timely adoption of senior dogs (seven years or older). Project findings have informed development of programs and practices that promote senior dog adoption, reducing the likelihood that older dogs will be euthanized. Read more!
  • Launched the “Learning Partnership” to test innovative strategies to keep senior dogs out of shelters: Based on the Maddie’s Fund project findings, Dr. Lisa wrote a successful grant proposal to support the “Learning Partnership.” Grey Muzzle selected three organizations to pilot new programs to prevent senior dogs from being surrendered. They worked closely with Grey Muzzle over the course of a year to implement their pilot projects and collect data. Findings informed the development and replication of successful strategies to ensure senior dogs stay out of shelters and in loving homes. As a national leader and expert in senior dog welfare, Grey Muzzle’s is working to expand the Learning Partnership model to build knowledge and grantees’ capacity to help even more senior dogs in need.
  • Garnered national media attention focused on Grey Muzzle and senior dogs: In January 2017 Grey Muzzle conducted a survey of grantees and disseminated findings via a press release that was picked up by numerous media outlets, including The Washington Post,, Tampa Bay Times, Denver Post, News & Observer in Raleigh, NC, Ft. Worth Star Telegram, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Miami Herald, Wichita Eagle, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, (The Oklahoman), Bradenton Herald, Independent Tribune, the Huffington Post, Dogster, the Dodo, and SFGate. Since 2016, Grey Muzzle has also been featured in national news outlets, including Modern Dog magazine, People, Family Circle, TODAY, One Green Planet, Radio Pet Lady, and the My Old Dog and Grouchy Puppy Blogs.
  • Led Grey Muzzle’s increasingly successful grant cycles: In her first year, Dr. Lisa managed the most successful grant cycle in Grey Muzzle’s history. We received a record 160 grant applications, 75% of which were from organizations that had not previously received a Grey Muzzle grant. Thirty-eight organizations representing 25 states received over $225,000 in grants in 2016, a 50% increase compared to 2015 awards. Since then, grant award totals have continued to increase. In 2023, we awarded grants totaling a record-setting $848,000 to 90 shelters and rescue groups nationwide, bringing our total grant funding to $4.6 million since 2008. Grants provide critically needed medical and dental treatment, foster and hospice care, adoption promotions, and programs that help keep old dogs in loving homes and out of animal shelters. Read the announcement!
  • Redesigned the Grey Muzzle grant review process to be more objective and transparent: We increased our emphasis on results and program sustainability and revised our grant evaluation criteria accordingly. Applicants are rated, among other criteria, on the extent to which they present well-defined goals, measurable outcomes, and a plan for sustaining the senior dog program beyond the Grey Muzzle grant period. In an effort to build capacity among applicants who did not receive grants, in 2016 we began providing feedback to all applicants who requested it.


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