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Mother Teresa

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What Clients Are Saying

As a small nonprofit with a large commitment to serving the needs of the international animal protection community, World Animal Net is very grateful to have been selected as a Pay it Forward client this year. Through a series of one-on-one meetings and follow-ups, we received objective expert guidance on a number of matters to further support our organization’s growth and development. Special attention was placed on identifying funding opportunities that best align with our own existing short and long-term strategic goals. Finally, Making Good Work directed us to a number of helpful development resources and tools that we will continue to use now and in the future. As a result of our collaboration, we are even better equipped to effectively deliver the very important services we provide to the global community.

Akisha Townsend – Senior Policy and Legal Resource Advisor

After many weeks of discussion and planning, Dr. Lisa Lunghofer of Making Good Work was able to clearly design a grant proposal to HABRI. Due to Lisa’s hard work and dedication to the project, Association for Human-Animal Bond Studies was able to secure a grant award of over $13,000 from the Human Animal Bond Research Initiative Foundation and the Morris Animal Foundation. I truly believe that had it not been for Lisa our little nonprofit would not have been successful in achieving this grant. We will definitely work with Lisa again for other grant projects.

Thank you Lisa for your tremendous work ethic and wonderful communication!

Annie Petersen, Ed.D. – President and CEO

As our Featured Speaker at the Baltimore County State’s Attorney’s Office’s 2nd Animal Abuse Leadership Summit, Lisa described the importance of taking animal abuse by juveniles seriously and the link between animal cruelty and other crimes. Lisa provided insightful information that energized attendees to take action in their own communities. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge, but her experience and education are invaluable.

April Doherty – Felony Review Unit and Animal Abuse Unit

“The opportunity to partner with Dr. Lisa Lunghofer to develop our Spay/Neuter and Community Outreach Program and the information and insight gained was invaluable to our organization. Dr. Lunghofer provided immeasurable assistance with the strategic planning phase for the program. With her help, we were able to create assessment profiles for our target communities, begin building partnerships with veterinarians that will provide the surgeries, and determine the next steps to begin the pilot program.

Dr. Lunghofer helped us to develop and implement the program in a way that will make it sustainable for many years to come. Thank you Making Good Work for partnering with Angel’s Hope and creating a program that will not only assist many family pets, but also reduce the number of dogs and cats that find themselves homeless or in shelters.”

April Hurley – Director

Over the past three years, Lisa Lunghofer has led a significant transformation in Maryland CASA’s board of directors from a committed but not very involved group of individuals to a highly committed and engaged team. By clarifying expectations and increasing accountability of board members, recruiting new board members, engaging the board in strategic planning, and consistently following up on members’ progress toward goals, Lisa has set a high standard for board performance that is already bringing about great results. We are very fortunate to have Lisa at the helm to continue the hard work of guiding Maryland CASA toward its vision of providing a Court Appointed Special Advocate for every abused and neglected child in the state.

Ed Kilcullen – State Director

“The content in Lisa’s webinar series on children and animal abuse is cutting edge and invaluable to social work practice. I will be referencing it in my teaching and writing. With the majority of US households having at least one companion animal, and given the empirically-supported connections between violence toward animals and violence toward humans, it is crucial that social workers are able to competently assess and intervene in situations where humans and animals may be at risk. These seminars equip social workers to be able to do so!”

Janet Hoy, Ph.D. – Associate Professor, University of Toledo

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Dr. Lisa Lunghofer and Making Good Work for over a year now. During this time, she has provided a variety of assistance to our animal welfare nonprofit organization that helps senior dogs nationwide. Being a small nonprofit has no shortage of challenges, and finding someone to help solve problems and provide sound advice to our Board has been critical to our success.

Dr. Lisa’s insight to understand what our organization needs and the talents to deliver results that go beyond what I had originally expected. Her assistance has included strategic planning and board training. She has proven to have extensive animal welfare expertise and to be friendly, responsive, and a joy to work with. I feel confident in saying that she is capable of handling any situation with thoughtfulness and dedication. I highly recommend Dr. Lisa and Making Good Work’s services at every opportunity I get.

Jennifer Kachnic – President

Your article is perfect – and inspiring. With your conscientiousness and capability you’ve set the bar very high. Thanks so much for sharing Chloe’s and Hercules’ legacy.

Judy Johns – Director of Development and Public Relations

Lisa brings a wealth of expertise and experience to her work with Safe Humane Chicago. We are a nonprofit with a range of programs designed to inspire positive relationships between people and animals. Lisa provided valuable insight regarding the structure and marketing of our programs, and helped us to identify potential donors, grants, and other funding sources. She also has assisted with impact assessment of our programs. She helped to conduct a program evaluation of our Lifetime Bonds program, measuring its impact on juvenile recidivism rates.

Keri Burchfield, Ph.D. – Board of Directors

Lisa has a unique combination of sophisticated analytic skills and the ability to present information clearly and vividly. Her contributions to the emerging field of human-animal interaction (HAI) have been substantial, e.g., she is responsible for developing an Evaluation Toolkit for the Section on Human-Animal Interaction, Society of Counseling Psychology, American Psychological Association that will provide guidance and resources for evaluating animal-related programs throughout the U.S. This first-of-its-kind resource will help shape programs, policy and professional practice in HAI.

Mary Lou Randour, Ph.D. – Senior Advisor

Lisa Lunghofer brings organizations a set of skills dearly needed in the nonprofit sector: critical tools for organizational strategic planning, program design and implementation, and evaluation. Combined with this background, her passion for bettering the lives of both animals and humans–especially through the ways in which animals and humans connect with one another–gives her a keen understanding of the key issues in our field. Her work is helping organizations like the Animals and Society Institute build a bridge between science and practice.

Maya Gupta, Ph.D. – Executive Director

It is so valuable to include me in your Pay It Forward program. This is a privilege, and I appreciate it from my heart. I am a young man from Tanzania who has much to learn. I hope by working harder and harder everything is possible under the sun.

Olais Mollel – Director

Thanks for being with us yesterday and providing us with great information PLUS inspiration to think outside the box about the curriculum we are putting together.  I know you gave me MUCH to think about regarding the entire process. Do not be surprised if you get a call from me once we get a little farther along with the lesson plans. It is clear to me that those are NOT the only things we need to worry about.  Thanks for giving me that direction!

Shelley Wanner – ADAI School Therapy Dogs

Thank you both for the amazing job you did on this!! We are very excited to have this case statement. Marketing is the hardest thing for us. There are rarely grants for it and we can’t afford to have a marketer on staff. So your help has been a tremendous asset to us. Thanks so much!

Sheryl Brancato – Executive Director

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